Monday, May 30, 2011

Skinny Vanilla Wal-lattes

I am a Skinny Vanilla Latte girl. Delicious vanilla flavor and just enough caffeine for a boost at a mere 90 calories. Every since a good friend of mine introduced me to the drink a few years ago, it's become a weekly indulgence. Weekly because, once all is said and done, a tall rings in at nearly $4.00. Four dollars!

Recently I decided to try an experiment in cost-savings. In theory, a cafe au lait, or as Starbucks calls it, a "caffe misto" is basically the same thing, the only difference being a base of coffee instead of espresso. I ordered one to see for myself how it measured up to my fave SVLs.

Drumroll, please...the taste and consistency are nearly identical to its espresso cousin, but the drink costs only $2.10. Throw in some sugar-free syrup for an additional fifty cents (or, you could add your own if you're into that), and you're good to go. Pay with your registered Starbucks card and you'll get that syrup for free. And, if you're watching your girlish figure, the misto option has 30 less calories than an SVL. Woot!

Virtually the same drink for virtually half the price? Tall SFV caffe misto to go, please!

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